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Customer Management Methodology
IPT Holdings works closely with the suppliers to ensure that the customer gets the best products and up-to-date IT options and solutions. IPT HOLDINGS will not sell any products that have not been tried and tested and will ensure that the products and services provided are useful, relevant and match the customers' needs.

The customer management program and methodology are based on tangible value added activities and entail the following principles:
  • A single point of contact for the customer.
  • The allocation of a customer manager who connects with the customer at various levels and understands their individual needs.
  • Additional second line service monitoring.
  • Constant customer satisfaction measurement.
The tailored customer management program is a holistic approach that includes not only operational activities, but also all relevant activities such as business development and financial strategy, according to the requirements and needs of the customer.

Operations Control
The main focus of operations control is to ensure service level and solution compliance as per the agreements we have with our customers. Operations control predominantly operates on a proactive basis, ensuring optimal in-service level performance and exceptional management on a reactive basis through implementation of rectification activities. Operations control is based on the following infrastructure and responsibility guidelines:
  • The specific customer engineer owns a customer request for service or solutions. It is this specific customer engineer’s responsibility to utilise the formal escalation chain should he not be able to comply with the customer’s request as per the Service Level Agreement with the customer.
  • In each of the business units, a dedicated person is appointed to oversee all service operations for that specific business unit. It is the manager’s responsibility to ensure service level compliance by his business unit as well as escalation, should compliance not be possible.
New Agreement Implementation:
IPT HOLDINGS believes that every customer's requirements are unique and therefore two crucial principles underpin the implementation of new agreements. These are:
  1. The availability of a basic generic platform for service and solution delivery consisting of infrastructure such as a customer response centre, logistical support, operations control, etc.
  2. The tailoring of the service solution and adding or changing the generic infrastructure as required by the customer depending on the specific service solution proposed.
To enable the tailoring of the infrastructure it is important that a gearing phase commences before the implementation of a new agreement. Depending on the service solution, a gearing period of 0 to 30 days is required during which a project team is formed to implement and prepare the infrastructure to provide the necessary service and support to the customer.

The end result of the above process is a policy and procedure manual that forms the base of the operational agreement between the customer and IPT HOLDINGS. All policies and procedures are documented and can be fine-tuned as the process continues. It is important to note that all the necessary resources such as: expertise, system changes, service locations, etc., are added according to the particular customer solution and support requirement, during the gearing phase.

Support Infrastructure
The provision of an effective and tailored support infrastructure as part of the service delivery process is of extreme importance. Without effective support, we would be unable to provide effective service. Although a generic base support infrastructure does exist, the tailoring of the support functions to enable customised solutions to our clients as part of the gearing activity is the over-riding focus.
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